How We Help

Express works with you to help you find that next career. We offer access to our extensive client network, third-party salary negotiation, complete confidentiality, one-on-one consultations, résumé review and assistance, as well as interview enhancement tips.

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A Focus on Solutions

Express Employment Professionals' expansion into Business Solutions has evolved over the past 20 years as a natural progression of supporting and servicing the needs of clients around the world. Over the years, our clients have recognized that our experience as an employer of over 325,000 employees from geographically and professionally diverse areas would be worth tapping into.

As many of Express' clients encountered human resource and business management issues, they began to encourage Express to share its valuable experience and knowledge. The formation of Express Business Solutions puts a formalized structure in place that provides solutions through consulting and training/development services.

HR Help Line

Receive immediate and direct access to human resource and risk management experts with Express’s HR Help Line. Express will help you decrease your chance of employment-related lawsuits, improve your handling of employment-related allegations, and increase profitability, morale, and productivity.

Answers you can trust in areas such as:

  • Hiring and termination issues
  • Wage and hour issues
  • Unemployment and workers’ compensation questions
  • Harassment investigations
  • Medical leave
  • Pregnancy leave
  • Employee discipline issues
  • Employees with disabilities

Benefits include:

  • Coaching on handling specific HR issues
  • Access to sample policies and forms
  • Information on compliance practices

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Develop Better Managers And More Engaged Employees.

Equip Your Team With Customized On-Site Training.

Offering training programs to employees improves their performance and increases your retention rate. Express Employment Professionals sends national HR experts to your company to train your employees.

Onsite Client Training Programs:

  • Overview of Federal Employment Laws and Supervisors' Responsibilities
  • The Performance Appraisal Process
  • How to Deal with the Problem Employee
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • How to Effectively Manage and Communicate Change in the Workplace
  • How to Implement Better Supervision
  • How to Walk the Leadership Talk
  • Team Building
  • Harassment in the Workplace
  • Workers' Compensation Claims Management/Return to Work
  • How to Conduct Employee Safety Orientations
  • How to Perform a Job Safety Analysis
  • How to Conduct Facility Inspections for Safety
  • How to Handle Accident Investigations and Reporting
  • How to Develop a Safety Incentive Program
  • How to Form a Safety Committee and Perform Safety Meetings

Contact your local Express office today to find out more about these training courses and about additional training that may be available through your local office.