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Payment Information

Payday Every Friday

As an associate of Express Employment Professionals you will get paid weekly, every Friday, if we have received your hour's on-time. 

See the section about timecards for more information on submitting your hours and when timecards are due to be paid on time.

Your First Pays Will Be Printed Cheque Form

If this is your first time working through Express, then your first pay will be in printed cheque form even if you have provided direct deposit information.

If you have worked through us in the past and have reactivated, if you had direct deposit information before and have not changed it when you came in again you may receive direct deposit right away again. 

Direct Deposit Takes 2-3 Pays To Activate

It does take 2-3 pays from Express Employment Professionals for your Direct Deposit to be set up. 

When you notice that a penny ($0.01) directly deposited into your account that means we have verified your account and you will have another manual printed cheque and then regular direct deposit will start the next pay week you work.

Picking Up Manual Printed Pay Cheques

Pay Cheques are available to pick up at our office Friday's between 7:30am to 5:00pm.

Any cheques not picked up by 5:00pm on Monday will be mailed out.

If you are not available to pick up your pay cheque but still want it on time you are able to send someone else to pick it up for you. You must provide permission prior to and let us know the first and last name of the person coming to pick up your pay cheque and let them know to bring photo ID so that we can give it out to them. You will have to give permission each time even if it is someone who has picked up your pay cheque for you previously at Express.

Updating Your Direct Deposit Information

Contact your local Express office and provide your new account information for direct deposit.

Please note: every time you change or update your banking information you will have to go through the process of having 2-3 manual printed cheques again.

Benefits Of Setting Up Direct Deposit


  • You do not have to come into the office to pick up your pay cheque or wait for your pay cheque in the mail. No more going to the bank to cash or deposit your pay cheque. Now you can do your banking when it suits you. Whether you're working, home ill, on vacation or out of town, your pay will be deposited into your bank account to cover any cheques or direct withdrawals on that account.


  • No matter where you live, postal disruptions will never delay your pay.


  • Knowing that your cheque cannot be lost or stolen, eliminating the hassle of requesting a replacement cheque.


  • There is no charge for the direct deposits. (It can be deposited into savings account as well - just ask your bank for the full account number.)

Providing Direct Deposit Information

We accept void cheques, direct deposit slips, written out account numbers that include the transit number, institution number and account number. If you are unsure please contact your bank for further information.

Please note that temporary or emergency cheques issues by your bank for newly opened accounts do not include the proper numbers needed for Direct Deposit. Please see your bank branch for printout of the proper information. 

Accessing Pay Information and Paystubs

We no longer mail out paystubs as technology has grown you can now access all of your past pay information online here

For information about how to access, register and review your payment information click here to be taken to the tutorial of the online paystub portal.



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