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Express Timecard

Download our express timecard

How do I get a timecard?

You can… 

  • pick up timecards from our office 
  • call your local staffing consultant and request the timecards to be mailed 
  • click the link above and print a copy right from home or work
  • request an electronic copy to be emailed to you for safe keeping

Timecard checklist

  1. Is your first and last name on the timecard?
  2. Is the company name (that you worked for) on the timecard?
  3. Have you recorded all of the hours you worked each day including the time you started, the time you ended and if applicable the time you went and came back from your lunch break?
  4. Have you added up all of your hours and entered the total at the bottom?
  5. Is your signature on the timecard?
  6. Has a supervisor from the company you are on assignment with signed your timecard?
  7. Have you double checked all of the information and made sure the timecard has been completed filled out?

Note: Failure to not submitting your timecard on time could result in your pay being delayed until the following week.

Which copy of the timecard is whose?

  • Client – is the company’s copy
  • Associate – is your copy
  • Express – is our copy and needs to get back to our office prior to Monday at 12pm

How do I get my timecard to you?

You can…

  • bring it in person, Monday to Friday anytime between 7:30am to 5pm
  • fax it to 519-672-7694
  • scan and email it to your Express representative
  • take a picture with your smart-phone and email it or text it to your Express representative
  • have someone else bring it in for you

Unable to get your timecard signed and you are no longer on assignment?

  • Please contact your local staffing representative immediately and let them know your situation so that they can try to get your time approved before the timecard deadline.

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