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Welcome to Express Employment Professionals

Welcome to a team of associates who serve our community with pride. We realize our success depends on people like you. Maintaining our standards and excellent service is at the top of our list. We want you to feel confident about choosing Express, the leader in staffing services. Your interview provided us with information about your skills and availability we can use to assign you to positions that provide the best opportunity for success. Use this handbook to help you make the most of those opportunities.

About Express

Express is a staffing service with franchise offices worldwide. We employ people to work short-term and long-term assignments for a variety of companies.

Express has over 550 locations worldwide to serve you. If you plan to relocate, ask your Staffing Consultant for information about the Express Office nearest your new location, or go to our web site at:

Protecting Your Privacy

Express respects the privacy of individuals in all aspects of our business operations. We have a long-standing commitment to protecting the personal information of applicants when providing services to our clients. Your personal information is only collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with provincial and federal privacy law.

Express Assignments

Express will only assign you to jobs that match your skills and availability. Requests for a specific shift, commuting distance, pay, or other requests, may restrict our ability to assign you.

  • You do not officially become an Express employee until your first day on assignment. When on assignment, you are an employee of Express and entitled to Express employee benefits. You are not entitled to benefits offered by our clients.
  • Express clients do not have the authority to terminate your employment. The completion of an assignment or release by a client, even for performance issues, is not a termination of employment.
  • Treat all client information confidentially. You may be required to sign and abide by a client’s confidentiality agreement.
  • Express may release information you provide, or Express obtains in investigating your application, to a client where you are assigned.
  • While on assignment you will be expected to follow all client policies, including safety, Internet, and cell phone usage policies.

Automated Call System

To help find you a great assignment and get job information to you faster, one of the ways we may contact you is via our automated call system. This way you’ll be able to get information about a job faster and hear of more opportunities available to you as an Express Associate!

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I pay any fees to Express?
No. Associates are never charged fees for any assignment.
How often can I work?
This depends on your skills, availability, and quality of your work. We make every attempt to keep our associates as busy as they wish. However, Express does not guarantee any certain number of hours.
How often should I call in available?
You must call in at least weekly when not on assignment to maintain your active status and be considered for future assignments.
How long are assignments?
Assignments vary from weeks to months. When the assignment is made, the length will usually be known. If you are not available for the full length of the job, please do not accept the assignment.
Who should I call if I’m going to be late or absent?
 Call your Express Staffing Consultant before your shift starts.
What if I can’t complete an assignment?
If you are unable to complete an assignment for any reason, we recommend you give a minimum of 48 hours notice so Express can obtain a replacement. Failure to show up for work without calling in will be considered job abandonment.
What do I do when the job assignment ends?
When a job assignment ends, we recommend you call your Express Staffing Consultant immediately. Failure to call within 48 hours of the end of an assignment may be considered job abandonment.
What if the client company wants to hire me?
Both you and the client should contact your Express Staffing Consultant. We will handle all the necessary details. Express clients have agreed to only hire Express associates with Express’ prior written consent during the first six months of an assignment.
How do I get paid?
You will be paid on the assigned payday (usually Friday) provided you have turned in your properly completed and signed timecard to Express no later than 8:00 a.m. Monday for the previous week.
What if the client wants me to run an errand in my car?
Express associates must not operate any motor vehicle on the job, including company cars or forklifts, without the prior written approval of their Express Staffing Consultant.

Associate Programs & Benefits

Check with your local Express office about the availability of the following programs (not all programs are available in all locations):
  • Benefit Plan
  • Holiday and Vacation Pay
  • Referral-Based Incentives
  • Safety-Related Incentives
  • Direct Deposit
  • Ongoing Training
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Sweepstakes Program

Getting Off to the Right Start

When you arrive at a new assignment, the client’s staff will appreciate your ability to get right to work. These suggestions will help.
Dress appropriately — Your Express Staffing Consultant will discuss appropriate dress for each assignment.
Be punctual — On the first day of an assignment, arrive early. Find your work site supervisor and work location and settle in before your assignment starts. Notify your Express Staffing Consultant immediately if you are going to be late or if anything prevents you from reporting to an assignment.
Always take a timecard — Take a timecard to every assignment. To receive your paycheque, make sure your work site supervisor signs your timecard at the end of each week or at the end of the assignment. You must deliver your properly completed and signed timecard(s) to your Express office no later than 8:00 a.m. Monday for the previous week.
Follow all client rules — Follow client rules regarding breaks, hours, smoking, dress codes, safety, Internet usage, personal calls, etc.
Communicate with your Express Staffing Consultant — Report any changes in the type of work you are doing or any workplace issues or concerns, including workplace injuries, to your Express Staffing Consultant immediately!
Complete the assignment — Call your Express office at the completion of every assignment. Failure to notify your Express Staffing Consultant can be considered job abandonment.
Market yourself — If the client supervisor compliments your work, ask that you be requested by name when the next need arises. Express always tries to fill such requests.
If the client has questions about any Express policies, please refer them to
your local Express office.


To protect our client companies and employees, certain security
restrictions may be in place at the client company to which you are
assigned. Follow their rules and regulations. The client company’s plan
may include the following topics.
  • Access restrictions
  • Identification (badges/cards)
  • Computer access
  • Reception areas/visitor procedures
  • Parking issues
  • Patrols/guards
  • Antitheft practices
Your work site supervisor will instruct you on policies at the work site.

Grounds for Dismissal

Please know that either you or Express may end the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause. However, some of the situations that can result in discharge include the following:
  • Failure to call in available (at least weekly) when not on assignment.
  • If you do not report to work and do not call, you will not be eligible for future assignments.
  • Excessive unexcused tardiness or absences.
  • Possessing, using, or removing property belonging to co-workers, Express, or a client without authorization.
  • Reporting to work impaired, under the influence, or in possession of alcohol or drugs.
  • Exhibiting lewd, immoral behaviour, possessing weapons or explosives, or provoking, instigating, taking part in a fight, or threatening others.
  • Insubordination, unprofessional conduct, dishonesty or poor performance of job duties.
  • Inappropriate use of client computer facilities or networks.
  • Inappropriate cell phone usage during work hours.
If you do not report to work and do not call, you will not be eligible for future assignments.
When Should I Call Express?
You should call your Express Staffing Consultant:
  • If you have any questions, we’re always glad to hear from you!
  • When you are available for work. We call those associates first who have expressed interest. You must call in at least once per week.
  • If there is any change in your job description or duties.
  • When you’re going to be late or need directions.
  • When an assignment is extended.
  • When any problem arises on the job.
  • If you are injured on the job.
  • If the client wants to hire you.
  • When you complete an assignment.
  • If your telephone number, address, or name changes.
  • If you believe you have been subjected to any type of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.
Health and Safety Policy
Express believes in the dignity and importance of all associates and employees and their right to work in a safe environment. The prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses is of such consequence to this belief that it will be given a top priority at all times.
As an employer, Express is ultimately responsible for worker health and safety. Express will make every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment at both their offices and their client’s work sites. All managers and workers must be dedicated to the objective of reducing the risk of injury and illness.
Managers at Express client companies will be held accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision. Workers must receive adequate training in their specific work tasks to protect their health and safety. Express encourages all client companies to have an accident prevention program that emphasizes the integration of health and safety measures into each job task so that health, safety, and job performance become inseparable. All employees and associates must follow the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements and the safety policies and procedures of Express client companies.
Every worker must protect his or her own health and safety by following the law and the company’s safe work practices and procedures. Safety orientation for new and transferred associates, timely and appropriate training, a joint health and safety committee, an active self-inspection program, proper mechanical guards, and personal protective equipment will be some of the tools used to reduce work hazards. Any on-the-job injury sustained by an Express associate or employee must be reported to the appropriate Staffing Consultant at Express and your on-site supervisor as soon as possible.
It is in the best interest of all parties to consider health and safety a way of life. Commitment to health and safety at work is an essential part of this organization, from the owners to the workers.

Associate Safety Program

Express and our client companies work hard to protect you. However, the only person who can keep you safe on the job is you.
First Aid
First-aid kits, equipped with basic bandages and medicines, should be
located at the work site.
  • Bandage your own cuts and abrasions if possible, to avoid exposing others to blood or body fluids.
  • Know who in the office is a first aid responder.
  • In serious situations, an associate who discovers the situation should notify the work site supervisor immediately.

Emergency Procedures

Your assigned work site should have a written Emergency Action Plan. Make sure you read and understand the Plan as it relates to your work area. It should include information about escape routes to outside exits.

Associate Safety Guidelines

Safe behaviour is part of every job. Each Express associate must follow Express and client safety policies and rules for each job assignment. Failure to follow safety rules may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. These basic safety rules must be observed:
  1. Follow instructions and don’t take chances. If you don’t understand the job, ask your work site supervisor!
  2. Report unsafe conditions immediately to your work site supervisor and your Express Staffing Consultant.
  3. Use all safety equipment required for the task, and wear the appropriate clothing for the job.
  4. Use, adjust, and repair equipment only when authorized.
  5. Use the proper tools for the job, and use them correctly.
  6. Only operate machines or equipment you are qualified, trained, and authorized to use.
  7. If lifting is part of your assignment, bend at the knees. Get help with heavy loads or use mechanical devices provided.
  8. Maintain good housekeeping throughout the work area. Horseplay on the job is not permitted.
  9. Only do the job you were assigned. If asked to work a different job or department, politely ask to verify this with Express.
  10. If your assignment is to operate a vehicle or forklift, always wear the seat belt provided.
  11. Avoid job activities that involve:
  • Live electrical wires
  • Explosives or hazardous chemicals
  • Confined spaces
  • Trenching or excavations below 4 feet
  • Roofing/Scaffolding
  • Working over 10 feet off the ground
12. Practice the ABC’s of safety: A - Attitude B - Behaviour C - Control
Report any on-the-job injury you sustain as an Express associate to your work site supervisor and Express Staffing Consultant immediately.

Forklift Safety

Training specific to the equipment and the work area will be provided on the job. You should know and practice these basic safety activities:
  • Maintain a safe distance from pedestrians, forklifts, and fixed objects.
  • Never walk under the elevated load or allow others to ride the forks.
  • Wear the seat belt and use the horn when backing or cornering.
  • Power down and set the brake before exiting the forklift.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the edge of ramps and platforms.
  • Report mechanical problems to your supervisor immediately.
  • Follow all site-specific safety rules while operating a forklift.

Office Ergonomics

The office environment should be designed to accommodate the individual operator in a safe and productive manner. The following recommendations will help control office ergonomic hazards.
Adjusting the Chair
  • Keep feet flat on the floor or use footrest.
  • Keep thighs horizontal and knees level with hips.
  • Ensure that lower back is supported.
  • Keep forearm horizontal, wrist neutral, and upper arm close to body.
Adjusting the Keyboard
  • Keep wrists in neutral relaxed position.
  • Maintain keyboard at comfortable height and location.
  • Ensure that wrists and forearms are supported.
Adjusting the Monitor
  • Keep the top of the screen at eye level, 18 to 24 inches away.
  • Set up monitor at right angles to windows.
  • Adjust contrast and brightness.
  • Keep monitor and glare filter clean.
  • Place document holder close to monitor.
Adjusting the Lighting
  • Reduce overhead lighting.
  • Use and adjust task lighting.
  • Reduce glare from windows by adjusting blinds/drapes.
Arranging the Work Area
  • Place primary equipment and documents within easy reach.
  • Make sufficient space for documents and other materials.
Operator Wellness
  • Perform periodic stretching and relaxation exercises.

Early and Safe Return to Work

The emphasis at Express is on safety and prevention of accidents. If an on-the-job injury keeps you from doing your regular assignment, it is an Express policy to identify and offer to each associate alternative job assignments that will not interfere with temporary physical restrictions confirmed by the treating physician. Express will make every effort to apply our fair and consistent Early and Safe Return to Work Policy (ESRTW) for all injured associates. Both Express and the associate have responsibilities to make ESRTW a success.
Associates will:
  • Notify Express of all work-related accidents immediately and seek medical care.
  • Cooperate with Express and the adjudicator in alternative assignments as part of ESRTW.
  • Keep all doctor’s appointments and follow treatment instructions.
  • Avoid activity that will aggravate or cause reinjury.
  • Contact Express weekly to update work status.
Express will:
  • Contact you and attempt to arrange suitable employment.
  • Provide information to the provincial adjudicator as required
  • Maintain regular contact with associates to confirm work status.
  • Notify adjudicator when the associate has been released to normal duty.
This Policy supports the Health and Safety Policy of Express Employment about Early and Safe Return to Work. Professionals. Talk to your Express Staffing Consultant if you have questions

WHMIS – Your Right to Know

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), or “The Right to Know,” is a system designed to provide vital information to employees about hazardous materials in the workplace. It applies by law to every workplace in which you might work. Under this system the client company should:
  1. Advise you of any operations where you will be working that involve hazardous chemicals. Advise you if your work will involve exposure to hazardous chemicals and train you on the following:
  • Detecting the presence or release of hazardous chemicals
  • Understanding the physical and health hazards of hazardous chemicals in the work area 
  • Protecting yourself through work practices, emergency procedures, and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Understanding the details of Hazard Communications. This should include an explanation of the labelling system, material safety data sheets, and instruction about how to obtain and use hazard information.
If you have questions or concerns about WHMIS issues, talk to either your Express Staffing Consultant or the workplace supervisor. You have the right to know. Your work site supervisor will advise you on the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to do the job safely.

Maintaining Positive Work Environments

Express does not tolerate any behaviour that could be perceived as discrimination or harassment against our associates by anyone. There will be no retaliation for reporting discrimination or harassment, or for cooperating with the investigation of a complaint. Associates are expected to avoid behaviour that could be interpreted as harassment and report inappropriate behaviour to their Express Staffing Consultant immediately.

Sexual Harassment

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature are sexual harassment when:
  • Submission to such conduct is explicitly or implicitly made a term of employment, or used as the basis for employment decisions.
  • Conduct interferes with an individual’s work or creates a hostile or offensive working environment.
If sexual harassment occurs, ask the harasser to stop. If your direct approach is unsuccessful, immediately contact your Express Staffing Consultant. Express investigates all reported incidents of harassment or retaliation. Investigations are conducted in confidence to the extent possible. Express may take disciplinary action, including termination, against any associate who engages in any harassment. If you are found guilty of sexual harassment, you will be personally liable for monetary damages. Express will NOT pay damages.

Children’s Miracle Network

Express is an international sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). Since 1991, Express has donated over $2 million to CMN. CMN is an international, nonprofit organization providing medical care to children with serious medical or health-related needs. Through sponsors like Express, CMN generates funds and awareness programs for children served by more than 170 affiliated children’s hospitals and medical institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. Each year, CMN helps more than 14 million children with all types of afflictions. Ask your Staffing Consultant how you can help. If you would like to contribute to CMN, simply mark the appropriate box on your timecard and specify the amount. You can help make a difference.